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Islamic Education Sessions:

At this time, the sessions are only available in a group setting.

There will be one weekly session, total of four sessions in a month. Each session is 1.5 hours long.

The program is for the entire year. However, if parents decide to discontinue then they can do so.

Yes, if a parent decides to discontinue with the program, then they are required to give one month notice explaining the reason for their cancellation.

Parents can apply for 100% refund before the sessions start. No refund after the first session for that month.

No there is no exam for the younger children’s program

Please notify a day or atleast 4 hours before the session starts, whether the child will be attending the session or not. If the child couldn’t attend the session for some reasons, then please contact me and we will arrange another day for his class/her so that he/she doesn’t miss any class.

No, there will not be any recordings available of children’s sessions.

The program is being offered for everyone around the world, that’s why the amount is in USD.

Purification of Heart

The sessions are for three months, for 12 weeks

You can apply for 100% refund till a day before the sessions start. After the first month, you can apply for a 50% refund. After the first month of sessions there is no refund. 

These sessions are offered four times in a year.

Currently, I don’t offer any tuition plans or scholarships. InshAllah in the future I will.

This program is offered worldwide, and students are from different parts of the world, that’s why the fee is in USD.

Yes, the recordings will be available and will be provided upon request.

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